The series has received many reports that are critical, both negative and positive. It has been known as very addictive to its audiences and a few find the show quite entertaining and benign. The others consider it as “making the personal and valuable public” and find the show toxic. On the other hand, the show was nominated for two awards. In this brief season, it’s become one of the preferred screens of Netflix users. On March 24, 2020, the streaming program officially announced its renewal.

The last season came out on February 13, 2020. However, the present issues involving lockdown and halt in productions might delay the filming and release of Love is Blind season 2. And therefore, season 2 can be expected in early 2021.

About Love Is Blind Season 2

Love is Blind is a dating reality show that brings together a cast of arbitrary people selected by the casting process. The last season had thirty participants who all came together with the hope of locating a spouse. The participants will live alone in a “pod.” They communicate with their dates from these pods and aren’t allowed to see each other. The guys can decide any time they want to propose their customs, and after becoming engaged, they go on a trip to Mexico. After arriving, the couples move in together. Each one of these is part of getting to know each other. If everything goes well, the marriage happens, and the couples have to choose whether they want to be together or not by answering the question “Is love blind?”.

Season 2 is expected to have a new set of participants. The casting call is open, which gives us hope. The showrunners would like to take the show to a worldwide level. Season 2 of Love is Blind will follow an identical format. However, the series is about variable events and connections, and thus the fans can expect the same for season 2.

Love Is Blind Season 2 Release Date

Until now, the series organizers haven’t announced anything about it. Since the show mainly entails outside shooting, it will happen anytime soon. The rumors are indicating the Love Is Blind Season 2 will either show up in 2021 or 2022.

Where will Love Is Blind Season 2 take place?

Season 1 of Love Is Blind was filmed in Atlanta. That said, with projecting being limited to Chicago, it seems like filming might happen there also. But considering nearly all the cast interactions take place in the “pods,” it does not matter where they are! Of course, that is until they get busy and also select a fancy vacation to someplace tropical.

The cast of Love Is Blind Season 2

The casting calls are open, and the staff says they’re receiving numerous calls and messages regarding it. But Nick and Vanessa, the lovely bunch who presents the show, will be back for yet another season.

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